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borovetsThe ski resort of Borovets is Bulgaria’s oldest one. It is situated in the beautiful pine forest on the slopes of Mount Mussala, 73 km from Sofia. The resort developed rapidly during the Communist era and became a winter sport centre and the perfect place for relaxation and recreation.

The ski pistes, descending from a height of 2540 m to 1323 m, are ideal for beginners and intermediates, but the skiing is more limited than in Bansko and the lift system is in need of modernization. Despite these problems, Borovets is a popular package resort, attracting foreign skiers with its beautiful surroundings and good atmosphere. It is a resort of Alpine type and provides very good conditions for snow sports during the winter: skiing, night skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski jumps and biathlon. There are available ski runs for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers, designed with international markings and multilingual signs.

borovets, snow pathBorovets offers also a large choice of night-life opportunities with its many night clubs, bars and ski carnivals which are real fiestas for the guests of the resort. Visitors to the resort can enjoy organized ski trips in groups leaded by experience guides. These trips lead to picturesque spots in the Rila Mountain like The Seven Rila lakes, peak Malyovitsa, peak Mussala, etc. A photo safari and a visit to the Bulgarian kings residence of Bistritsa are also regularly organized. Various trips to different tourist attractions throughout Bulgaria are offered as well. Trips to Melnik with its unique pyramids and famous wines, to Sofia, Plovdiv and Rila Monastery are among the most interesting ones.

Borovets is amazing and attractive not only during the winter. All cafes, restaurants and bars are working for those who are on holiday and practice mountain biking and tracking. The weather is very nice and sunny during the summer, suitable for long walks and lazy family picnics.

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