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Street in old city, PlovdivPlovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, with a population of more than 500 000. It is the administrative centre of Plovdiv Region in southern Bulgaria, as well as the largest and most important city of the historical region of Thrace, famous for its ancient and diverse culture. Plovdiv is situated along the two banks of the river Maritza with its slow water, and also on a number of picturesque hills (called 'tepe' by the local people) which are a part of the city’s charm and beauty.

Plovdiv can be called “the cradle of human civilization” because it is one of the most ancient cities not only in Bulgaria but in Europe as well. The city can be divided into two parts: the old town (Stariyat grad), which occupies three eastern hills and the lower modern town that is spread in the plain below.
The old town was built during the 19th century. Today it has survived as a unique architectural ensemble on the three hills. Its houses reveal the remarkable urban culture of Bulgarian builders, as well as their sense of harmony and their creative power. The Bulgarian people have always been proud that Old Plovdiv was restored and preserved as a large open museum in order to stay for future generations. Today Old Plovdiv’s magnificent houses are turned into museums, galleries, workshops, restaurants and pubs.

The modern town is a trade and culture centre. It is full of museums, churches, banks, hotels, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, shops, bars, markets, music clubs, casinos, etc. The modern centre provides entertainment and rich cultural life. On the wide central pedestrian street you can find boutiques of popular brands and cozy cafes with artistic atmosphere. Classical concerts take place at the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra's concert hall, where in January the Winter festival of Symphony Music is held. 

Roman theater PlovdivPlovdiv is the capital of the International Fair that takes place twice a year. The International Fair is committed to organize the biggest, most prestigious fairs and specialized exhibitions in Bulgaria. Around 4 700 companies from 50 countries participate annually in events staged by the International Fair. It is a meeting place for establishing business contacts between leading national and foreign companies in the area of industry, trade, services, science, culture, and other fields of economy and development. Except for the two big multi-branch expositions - International Technical Fair (in autumn) and International Fair for Consumer Goods, Machines and Technologies for Their Production (in spring) - the International Fair organizes each year International Agricultural Exhibition, as well as International Specialized Exhibitions in the following branches: vine-growing and wine-producing, information and telecommunications technologies, home and clothing, power engineering and ecology, nature, hunting and fishing, tourism and many others.

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