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Pleven centerPleven has a population of 140 000 people and is the seventh most populated town in Bulgaria. The town of Pleven is located in the central part of the Danubian plain, with the river Vit flowing near the town and the tiny Tuchenitsa river crossing it.

The central location of Pleven in Northern Bulgaria defines its importance as a large administrative, economic, political, cultural, and transport centre. There are good opportunities for cultural, eco and spa tourism in Pleven and the surrounding area. The town has preserved its cultural – historical heritage that has become famous as the Town of Museums. Evidence for the thousand-year old history of Pleven are the numerous cultural and architectural monuments in the town. Most of them are related to the Russian – Turkish war of Liberation. The Pleven Epopee 1877 Panorama depicts this event combining painting, plastics, and architecture in a magnificient way. Created in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Pleven Epopee, it is the analogous to the Borodin Panorama in Moscow. The other monument related to the war is the mausoleum-tomb in honor of the many Russian and Romanian soldiers who lost their lives for the Liberation of Bulgaria. 

Pleven town hallOne more sight of great interest is the Regional history museum. The items in the museum include over 250 thousands exhibits of ancient time, medieval and most modern history of Pleven and the region. The exposition is arranged in 24 halls divided in five sections - Archeology, Ottoman Rule and Bulgarian Revival, Ethnography, New and Contemporary history, Nature. It represents the history, culture, flora and fauna of Pleven and the adjoining district since antiquity.

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