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Kazanlak centerKazanlak has a population of 62 000 people and is situated in the centre of Bulgaria between the Balkan range and Sredna Gora Mountain, 194 km to the east of Sofia and 185 km to the west of Burgas. It is an important crossroad for the Sofia – Burgas and Stara Zagora - Veliko Tarnovo main roads. In the area around Kazanlak the nature has combined the beauty and majesty of the Balkan mountains with the fertility of the Tundja river valley.

Kazanlak, the capital of the rose-growing region, known as the Valley of the Roses, which is especially marvelous in May when rose fields blossom and the fragrance is indescribable. Bulgaria is the major supplier of a certain type of the rose oil in the world and Kazanlak's rose gardens are the largest rose gardens in the whole world. Here is the only place in the entire world where can be grown this certain rose, the importance of which is reflected in the Festival of Roses held in the first week of June. The festival features picking of roses and their brewage. Every year it begins with the Queen Rose beauty contest and continues with the coronation ceremony in her honor. The chosen beautiful girl must reward later the most skilful rose-pickers in the rose-harvesting ritual held in the yard of the Institute of Kazanlak.

church KazanlakThe vicinity of the town of Kazanlak offers the tourists the marvelous opportunity to get acquainted with the Bulgarian village, to experience the special rhythm of life in the countryside. The towns of Shipka and Maglij, the villages of Enina, Tarnichene, Dunavtsi and Golyamo Dryanovo have the typical sub-Balkan atmosphere. Almost every house in the area offers accommodation to tourists and a taste of coziness and hospitality. The tourists will also have the chance to try home-made dishes from the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. The pleasure is supplemented by the fresh Balkan air, the clear water, the peace and tranquility.

There are plenty of cultural places to see and visit around Kazanlak. Shipka Memorial church is located only 12 km north of Kazanlak, at the south foot of the Stara planina mountains near the town of Shipka. It was built after the Liberation as a monument to both Russian and Bulgarian dead soldiers. The golden domes and the green and pink coloured antiquefacade loom against the mountains and attract the attention of the travelers in the Shipka pass. Shipka national park is founded on the same land where the bloody battles of the Russian - Turkish Liberation War occurred during the 1870’s. It represents a complex of memorial tablets, monuments, trenches, and bunkers reminiscent of the battle. Buzludja National park rises east of the Shipka pass. It is a very important part of Bulgarian history - here, on July 30, 1868, Hadji Dimitar fell in battle. He was at the head of a small group of rebels fighting the numerous Turkish enemy. In 1961 a monument was built here to commemorate this act of heroism. The impressive marble figure of Hadji Dimiter is outlined against the green background of the pine - trees.

The diversity of the nature in this region is favorable for sport and recreation both during winter and summer. Outside the town of Kazanlak tourists can practice hiking and biking tourism, orienteering, alpinism, sports climbing, skiing, etc. There can also be organized many interesting alpine tourist routes with mountain guides.

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